the mighty bandom— boosh/bandom crossover (for saranoir)

picture this: it’s pete wentz’s big birthday party. he’s so excited— this means neon strobe lights! electric green punch! old-school disco pumping through the speakers! but he makes the mistake of allowing his scenester best friend mikeyway to plan the party… and when he tries to give his birthday speech, the crowd of hipster-emo-partygoers don’t even recognize him and boo him offstage!

later, it’s revealed during a game of spin the bottle that pete has never had sex when their friend hurley the shaman mentions that they’ve let loose an evil spirit who only preys on virgins… and pete screams.

he’s sulking on the roof when mikey comes up to find him, telling pete that he’s hiding from hurley’s shaman friend bob bryar— mikey accidently got caught making out with bryar’s girlfriend in a closet. he reassures pete about the whole virgin thing, only to be shocked when pete reveals he’s never even kissed anyone before.

pete: i’ve had deeper relationships in my mind, at a distance, than you’ll ever have in your lifetime.

mikey: i finally understand why those lyrics you write are so angsty.

and then, suddenly, bryar appears, demanding to know what mikey was doing with his girlfriend. mikey denies everything, claiming to be in love with someone else— pete! bryar tells him to prove it.

and then, suddenly, pete feels mikey’s lips on his own. he’s absolutely shell-shocked throughout the kiss, unable to even move, and he can feel his face coloring up. he forgets to close his eyes.

bryar, a little disturbed, leaves them after mikey breaks off the kiss.

pete’s heart pounds in his chest. he licks his lips, staring at mikey. suddenly it all makes sense.

December 19, 2011 with 17 notes
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